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All our rugs are designed by our talented in-house design team in London UK. Have your own idea's or want to personalise your rug? Please get in touch with the team.


Everything is customisable including the size, shape, colour or even the entire design. We love making original and interesting designs, so please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Each rug is individually hand crafted by our team of highly skilled master craftsmen. It begins with the "Matcher" who selects the offcuts and begins to map out the overall design. Each rug is sewn by hand on advanced sewing machines producing a highly durable Zigzag stitch allowing our rugs to last years.

Rigorous Quality Control

Quality is paramount, with every rug being inspected every step of production. We also go one step further and offer a unique Proofing service for our customers, allowing you to see your rug and make alterations before it is stitched together, making sure the rug you order is exactly as you want.

Custom Made to Measure Rugs

Each rug is individually hand crafted to the scale of the pattern and assembled on specially developed trays enabling our customers to take advantage of our unique Read more