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  1. Grey Spark | Cowhide Patchwork Rug

    Grey Spark Cowhide Patchwork Rug
  2. Sapphire | Cowhide Patchwork Rug

    Diamonds work their way around this brilliantly designed patchwork rug. Sapphire has beautiful textures, black diamonds that depict the ancient rock that intrigues and delights us all, while having a white and brown background to blend into.
  3. Royal | Cowhide Patchwork Rug

    Inspired by the marble flooring which feature in the worlds royal palaces. Royal Cowhide rug, recreates the intricate detail of stone, calved over centuries for kings and queens. With browns and whites, royal shapes are contained within the rugs design, providing a majestic look.
  4. Quartz | Cowhide Patchwork Rug

    Inspired by quartz crystals, this rug resembles a roman pathway with each stone perfectly interlocking. The rug features beautiful natural shades of white, cream and gray cowhide with each piece of leather carefully selected to create this remarkable design.
  5. Pixelate | Cowhide Patchwork Rug

    Inspired by our digital world, This modern geometric representation recreates pixels of a digital screen. The white against the dark contrast gives it a stunning modern look.
  6. Nordic | Cowhide Patchwork Rug

    The Nordic skies bring in great light through a dark tunnel. Through the squares that come together and create a narrow look, recreating the beauty of the Norwegian landscapes. Blacks, browns, creams and whites on this patchwork cowhide rug, make the perfect Nordic blend.
  7. Riviera | Cowhide Patchwork Rug

    Inspired by the pebbles of the famous stony beaches of the French Riviera, each cowhide patch is individually cut to represent a single pebble. The rug is unique as the design leaves space between each of the "Pebbles" so that you can see the flooring underneath, giving a unique impression of stones thrown across a floor. The bubbling circles of Riviera show off a story, while painting a picture on a uniquely designed rug.
  8. Smoked Chevron | Cowhide Patchwork Rug

    Much like smoke blows, the grays and whites go in the direction they are pulled. Smoked Chevron does the same with the arrows that point in the direction of where the wind is pulling them, as the smoke billows ahead. This stylish design will perfectly suit a modern interior space.
  9. Tessellation | Cowhide Patchwork Rug

    The dark outer edge of Tessellation blends its way to lighter shades in the centre. The squares of cowhide are carefully chosen to create a the fading gradient of dark to light, producing a spectacular modem design.
  10. Ellise | Cowhide Patchwork Rug

    Ellise Patchwork Cowhide Rug
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Items 1 to 10 of 29 total

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