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We offer an exclusive proofing service on all our rugs, giving you extra piece of mind that a MOSAIC rug precisely meets your demands.

Each MOSAIC cowhide patchwork rug is individually hand crafted from 100% natural hides, and due to the very nature of the raw material, every rug is unique. Although our master craftsmen who have many years of experience and are exceptionally skilled at selecting the precise colours and shades to create the perfect design, we still want to give the opportunity to our customers to make sure that the design is exactly what they want.

By selecting our optional proofing service during the checkout stage (*free for full custom orders), your order will be accepted and our master craftsmen will begin working on your rug. Once all the individual pieces of cowhide have been carefully selected and cut to form the overall layout, they will be placed into a full size tray, displaying the full overall layout and design. A high resolution photo will be sent to you for approval. You can inspect the design and advise us if any of the individual pieces of cowhide are not to your satisfaction and would like any changed to a lighter or darker shade/colour. You can make as many changes as you require until you are completely satisfied with the finished design.

Once approved your rug will then be stitched together and finalized, leaving you with the knowledge that the rug you receive is exactly as you sought, leaving nothing to chance.


Select the option for 'Proofing Service Required' while ordering your rug and we will provide you with a photograph of the rug before stitching.

You can advise us of any changes to the rugs so it is exactly how you want it.

The advised changes are then applied to the unstitched rug and you will be sent a photo of the updated design for verification.

Once we recieve the confirmation from you, the rug will be finalized and prepared for shipment. At this point no more changes will be possible.

Custom Made to Measure Rugs

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